2 thoughts on “Visitors or Residents?

  1. That is good news, but in a way I hope that they don’t stay, and especially don’t raise a family, until something is done about the increase in irresponsible dog owners that walk around the lake.
    It used to feel “ wildlife” orientated here, but now does not, especially after the terrible attacks on the original swans last year.
    I love dogs, don’t get me wrong, but the meadows is a big enough area to enable the dogs to have their fun, without having to always go in or near the lake.
    I’d appreciate your comments as to how this problem can be addressed


  2. Sadly there will always be people who refuse to respect the lovely wildlife we have on the meadows. I think most people who walk the meadows regularly will have had the experience of advising people not to encourage their dogs into the lake only to be met with abuse.
    The answer would be to have rangers with the authority to deal with such issues but funding would be a major problem. Maybe an army of volunteer rangers working in pairs might reduce some of the incidents.
    What happens to the wildlife on the meadows is upsetting and must be dis-heartening to the groups like the Friends of Footscray Meadows who work so hard to educate the public and try to protect the area.


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